Financial Services





Funderstone Securities Holdings Limited (“Funderstone”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of G-Resources Group Limited. Funderstone and its subsidiaries principally engaged in securities brokerage services, placing and underwriting services, corporate finance advisory services, provision of margin financing, money lending business and investment advisory and asset management services.

Funderstone major subsidiaries and related license number:

License number
Type of SFC license

Funderstone Securities Limited

SFC Licensed Corporation

Type 1 (dealing in securities)
Type 4 (advising on securities)
Type 6 (advising on corporate finance)
Type 9 (asset management)
Funderstone Futures Limited

SFC Licensed Corporation

Type 2 (dealing in futures contracts)
Type 5 (advising on futures contracts)
Type 9 (asset management)
Funderstone Asset Management (HK) Limited SFC Licensed Corporation
Type 9 (asset management)

Funderstone Finance Limited

Money Lender’s License